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Are you ready to order supplies for your child's upcoming birthday party? Below you will find each of our 3 affordable Choose Your Party birthday parties and their corresponding suggested supply lists.

Remember, you do not need to purchase everything on this supply list, that's the great thing about planning your own party, you can choose the budget and what you want to spend money on!

Each party supply list is simply a suggested list of supplies needed to host the the party like desicribed in the Choose Your Party Guide.

Our three fun & affordable parties have been designed to fit their pre-set budget, but we realize we can not control prices of all the supplies. We have done the best we can to ensure you can host an outstanding party, but we cannot guarantee that the prices you find on supplies either online, or locally will keep your party completely in budget.

This supply list contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Movie Night Party - Supply List

Movie Night Party_CYBPG

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If you are crunched for time, or don't feel like making your own decorations, our Instant Party Toolkit allows you to print out the party essentials and host it today!

This digital toolkit full of printables, which matches any of the Choose Your Budget parties is just what you need to get the party done fast! Our 62 page toolkit includes easy-to-use instructions for assembling and implementing the party printables, and then over 45+ pages of party printables!

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